Natural Resources Inventory

Bow’s natural resources have been subject to a closer look as the result of a Natural Resources Inventory (NRI) that was conducted in 2019 - 2020. 

A natural resources inventory provides a deeper understanding of a community’s resources and a foundation for planning future protection of key resources, according to UNH-Extension. The conduct of an NRI by Conservation Commissions is authorized under RSA 36-A.  

The project included identification of natural resources of the town, the research and field work, identification of conservation focus areas, and NRI recommendations.  In addition to a report with a series of maps that were on display, web-based interactive StoryMaps have been produced to present the information. 

The Bow Conservation Commission provided a public presentation of the NRI on Wednesday, November 17 at 7 pm at the Old Town Hall, including a presentation by Jeff Littleton of Moosewood Ecological, LLC, the company contracted to conduct the NRI. 

Below is the NRI report and maps produced and available as pdf files. Related documents, including the Natural Resources chapter of the Bow Master Plan and the Bow Prime Wetlands study may be accessed below. 


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