Business Development Commission


  • 7:30 a.m.
  • 1st Wednesday every month
  • Bow Municipal Building 10 Grandview Road  Bow, NH 
Business Development Commission Picture 2020 (Zoom meeting)

From left to right, top to bottom: Bill Hickey, Larry Haynes, John Meissner, Wendy Gazaway, Matt Poulin, Dave Stack, Matt Taylor, Don Berube, Jr., Mike Percy, Chris Johnson.  Not pictured:  June Branscom, Cody Herrick, and Colleen Hunter. 

Business Development Commission Members

Members are appointed by the Bow Board of Selectman

  • Bill Hickey, Chairman
  • Larry Haynes, Vice Chair
  • Cody Herrick, Secretary
  • Don Berube, Jr.
  • Michael Percy
  • June Branscom
  • Christopher Johnson
  • John Meissner
  • Wendy Gazaway
  • Matthew Poulin (Selectman Representative)
  • Colleen Hunter (Selectman Representative Alt.)


The Business Development Commission was formally established (as the Industrial Development Commission) in 1978 by warrant article. The purpose of the Commission is:

  • To advise the Select Board on issues affecting economic development
  • To establish a process for long range economic development