The Bow Advantage

The Town of Bow has more of the New Hampshire advantage.

Compare New Hampshire to Other States

Compare the State of New Hampshire to other states or national averages on the New Hampshire Economic Development website, or at the Morgan Quitno Press website.

Economic Growth Factors

  • High proportion of manufacturing employment
  • Housing construction Quality of life rankings:
    • 2000 Kids Count, Annie E. Casey Foundation profile of child well-being  (Ranked 2) 
    • 2004 Morgan Quitno Press Most Livable State Study (Ranked 1)
    • 2004 Safest State Study (Ranked 4); 2004 Healthiest State Study (Ranked 1)
  • Increase in gross product
  • Low unemployment

Additional Factors

  • High per capita personal income
  • High percent of population with college degrees
  • High percent of population with high school diplomas
  • Low crime rate
  • Low percent of population living in poverty
  • Low tax burden as percent of personal income
  • Proportion of manufacturing as portion of gross state product

Compare Bow to Other New Hampshire Communities

  • Higher than average high school graduation rate
  • Higher than average per capita income
  • Higher than average percent of population with college degrees

Bow's Location Advantages

  • Bow is fifteen minutes from Manchester, the largest city in New Hampshire.
  • Bow is ten minutes from the state capital and the headquarters of all state agencies.
  • Interstate Highways 93 (I-93) and 89 (I-89) intersect in Bow providing optimum access to Northern and Southern New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Vermont.
    • I-93 and I-89 provide easy access to U.S. Highway 4 and New Hampshire State Highway 101 to the coasts of New Hampshire and Maine.
    • New Hampshire State Highway 9 provides access to southern Vermont and on to Albany, New York.
  • Bow also has an active rail line.

Bow's Land & Municipal Water System

  • Bow has a municipal water system to serve the business development area on Route 3A, Dunklee, Vaughn, and River Roads.
  • Of more than 1,000 acres zoned for business development and general industrial uses, over half is vacant.

Forward Looking Population

  • Bow has a customer oriented Town government.
  • Check out our excellent school system.
  • Talk to some of the CEO's who live and work here.