Proposed Wireless Telecommunications Tower Project

A group of concerned citizens and the Town have been working with Wireless Towers LLC and affiliates to explore the possibility of locating a wireless telecommunications tower on a Town owned parcel of land located at 21-51 Branch Londonderry Turnpike Road.

Lease: Voters at the March Town Meeting will be presented with a warrant article that would authorize the Board of Selectmen to convey an easement, license, and/or leasehold interest on a portion of the Town parcel for the purposes of constructing and operating a telecommunications tower and to also  authorize the Board of Selectmen to execute related contracts and agreements related to the proposal.  State statutes currently grant the Board of Selectmen with the authority to enter this type of agreement, however the length of the term is capped at a maximum of five years. In order to make the project financially viable for the company, the term of the agreement must be for a longer period of time.

Local Regulatory Review: If the article is approved, the tower contractor will be required to submit a plan for the project for review and approval by the Town’s Planning Board and Zoning Board of Adjustment.

Public Informational Session: Company representatives and the citizens group conducted an informational meeting on January 26, 2022 to discuss the proposed project. If you missed the meeting, you may watch it here