South Bow TIF Advisory Board


South Bow TIF AB members

Members are appointed by the Bow Board of Selectman

Don Berube, Jr. 

Adam Bates

Jason Patenaude

Marc Charbonneau (2026)

Matthew Poulin (Selectman Representative)

  1. Community Development Department

    Physical Address
    10 Grandview Road
    Bow, NH 03304

    Fax: (603) 225-2982

Development Program

The main improvement proposed within the district is the construction of water and sewer lines south to the Bow-Hooksett Town Line. Secondary improvements may include additional water, sewer, and road infrastructure that would require this plan to be amended.  This extension of utility lines would be contingent on an agreement approved by both towns to share water and sewer infrastructure. The Town of Bow is currently considering a new zoning designation with the same boundaries as the proposed TIF District that would allow higher density mixed use development.  The current lack of water and sewer infrastructure precludes land within the district from being used for its highest and best use. The objectives of this development program and finance plan are to:

  • Bring public water and sewer to South Bow to support existing businesses and spur new development;
  • Provide an incentive for property owners and developers to convert current land uses to help expand the Town’s tax base;
  • Work cooperatively with the Town of Hooksett to interconnect the two towns’ respective water and sewer systems for the benefit of both towns.
  • Improve safety and access to Route 3A  and accommodate economic development along the Route 3A Corridor
  • Improve the operation of the municipal water system by adding to the customer base and putting it on a path to self-sufficiency.

The program would extend the water and sewer lines approximately 5,000 linear feet (lf) to the Bow-Hooksett Town line; a rough cost estimate for the work can be found in Appendix B. The total estimated cost for improvements in the development program is approximately $2,625,000.

It is anticipated that all work to extend water and sewer lines would be conducted within State and Town right-of-ways and the Town would not use the power of eminent domain to acquire real property without amending this plan at a future town meeting.  The District Administrator is authorized to negotiate terms for the acquisition of any necessary easements for construction subject to town meeting approval for financing the development program.