Ordering Extra & Replacing Broken Carts

  1. Ordering Additional Carts
  2. Replacing/Repairing Carts

Trash Carts

Additional trash carts (beyond the first, free of charge cart with a green top) will have a yellow top and are rented from Pinard Waste Systems, so to order extra trash carts for your use, please contact Pinard.

Additional Trash Cart Rental Pricing
The rental is billed from May 1 to April 30. If you want to rent one in the middle of the rental period they will pro-rate it. The rental rate is $12.50 per month and this fee can be paid over the telephone via credit or debit card.

Recycle Carts

Unlike the rental service for additional trash carts, additional blue recycling bins are purchased from Pinard Waste Systems.

One-Time Fee
The fee for this purchase is a one-time cost of $75 for a 65 gallon cart, or $100 for a 95 gallon cart. Again, this fee is for the purchase of the cart, not an annual subscription. You will not need to contact Pinard Waste Systems annually to continue with the use of this cart.

To arrange to purchase an additional blue recycling cart for your family's needs, please contact Pinard Waste Systems.