Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) Committee


Agendas & Minutes

Capital Improvement Plans

Budget and Finance - CIP Photo
Seated L to R: Budget Committee Rep Jeff Knight, Glenn Dugas, Mark Davis, Standing L to R Finance Director Geoff Ruggles, Harold Judd, School Board Alt. Rep.Bryce Larrabee, Selectmen Rep Bruce Marshall Planning Board Rep. Jonathan Pietrangelo and Town Manager David Stack


  • Jonathan Pietrangelo, Planning Board Rep
  • Harry Judd, Citizen Rep., (2024)
  • Glenn Dugas, Citizen Rep., (2024)
  • Mark Davis, Citizen Rep., (2025)
  • Jeff Knight, Budget Committee Rep.,
  • Angela Brennan, Selectmen Rep.
  • Matt Poulin, Selectmen Rep. Alternate
  • Jennifer Strong-Rain, School Board Rep.
  • Bryce Larrabee, School Board Alt. 
  • David Stack, Ex-Officio, Town Manager
  • Geoff Ruggles, Ex-Officio, Finance Director

Committee Foundation & Composition

The 2013 Town Meeting voted to authorize the Board of Selectmen, per the provisions of RSA 674:5-8, to appoint a Capital Improvements Plan Committee, to include three members from the general public appointed by the Board of Selectmen and four ex-officio members consisting of one member of the Board of Selectmen, one member of the Planning Board, one member of the Budget Committee, and one member of the School Board.


The main purpose of the Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) is to aid the Board of Selectmen, Library Trustees, School Board and the Budget Committee in their consideration of the annual budget.

Capital Improvements Plan

The Capital Improvements Plans, known by the acronym CIP, links local infrastructure investments with master plan goals, land use ordinances, and economic development. A capital improvement plan bridges the gap between planning and spending, between the visions of the master plan and the fiscal realities of improving and expanding community facilities.

The plan is based on information submitted by the departments and agencies of the municipality and takes into account public facility needs indicated by the prospective development shown in the master plan of the municipality or as permitted by other municipal land use controls.

Six Year Projection

Bow's CIP is an outline of anticipated expenditures for capital projects projected over a period of at least 6 years. Capital projects are those that relate to infrastructure and purchase of land and, in some cases, engineering studies. Capital projects do NOT include regular maintenance and operations.

Project Classifications

The CIP classifies projects according to the urgency and need for realization, and contains a recommended time sequence for implementation. The CIP contains the estimated cost of each project, as well as the sources of revenue.