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August 2019 Monthly Bulletin 

Welcome to the monthly bulletin from the Town of Bow. 

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Town Manager David Stack
Photo by Eric Anderson

Town Manager's Report

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Contact Us

As always, please contact my office, a member of the Board of Selectmen, or any of our Departments if you have any questions or concerns on anything that is going on. You can also find a ton of information on the Town's website:

Bow Fire Department Logo

Bow Fire Department

Click here to view the July Bow Fire Department's monthly briefing.

Community Development Department

Bow Planning Board 
The Planning Board approved a site plan for a 2,400 square foot office building and an existing tradesman shop for Snow Family Holdings on Route 3-A. Several other site plans are scheduled for review at the August meeting and a small subdivision on Brown Hill Road. 
Business Development Commission and Bow Drinking Water Protection Committee 
The Business Development Commission and Bow Drinking Water Protection Committee had a meeting with Ted Gatsas and NHDES representatives to discuss the issues of bringing clean water to Bow Junction.
Drinking Water Protection Committee 
The Drinking Water Protection Committee conducted a “Test your Well” event and a follow up information session for the residents where the test results were reviewed and questions answered.
Conservation Commission
The Conservation Commission put out a bid for a Consultant to prepare a Natural Resource Inventory. A contract was signed with Moosewood Consultants and work has begun this July.
Building Department 
The Building Department issued a building permit for a new 5,000 square foot warehouse on Dunklee Road and another permit for a 700 square foot addition to the Eversource warehouse. There was also an increase in fees for mechanical, electrical permits and re-inspections.
Read the latest meeting minutes for all the Town boards here

Bow Recreation Kids jumping off rock
Courtesy of Parks and Recreation Department.

Bow Parks & Recreation

Summer fun continues here at Parks & Recreation!  

Strings Camp will be held the week of August 5, 2019 and Level I Snap Happy Photography Classes will be held Wednesday, August 7, 2019 and Wednesday, August 14, 2019.  

Parks & Recreation Fall Preschool and Kindergarten Soccer is set to begin as of September 10th  and we have limited openings still available. 

Our Fall September/October Brochure will be available at our office and on-line.

To register, or for complete information, contact the Bow Recreation Office at

Dump truck dumpging gravel
Photo by Eric Anderson

Department of Public Works

Highway Division

Take a look at what the Highway Division has been up to:

  • Replaced one culvert crossing on Colby Lane.
  • Excavated and applied gravel to an area at the High School for a new sports storage shed
  • Continuous catch basin cleaning throughout town

Paving has been completed on the following roads:

  • Stoneybrook Road
  • Abby Road
  • Merrill Crossing

Road reclamation was conducted on a section of Knox Rd between Robinson Road and Whittier Drive and paving will commence in the near future.

Roadside brush mowing has commenced throughout town. First priorities are safe sight distance at intersections followed by routine vegetation control. 

Cemeteries Division

Multiple headstones were repaired at Evans and Alexander Cemeteries.

Fleet Division
A newly devised shouldering machine has been implemented for more efficient operations.

Parks Division
The Grass keeps growing and the crew keeps mowing . 

Employment Opportunity
Thank you for your patience, as the Public Works Department has been challenged with staffing difficulties. The Department is currently seeking a part time Administrative Assistant, great hours especially for parents. For more information visit our website or contact Tonia Lindquist at 603-223-3910 or by email.

Town Clerk Tax Collector's Office
Photo by Eric Anderson

Town Clerk/Tax Collector's Office

Voting Information

 All four Elections in 2020, starting with the Presidential Primary, will be held at the Community Center stay tuned for more information.


Town wide revaluations are taking place right now. 

Benji the Dog
Courtesy of the Town Clerk's Office

Don't forget to Register your Dog!

If you have not registered your dog(s) yet, please do so as soon as possible to avoid late fees and forfeiture notices. 

You can register in person at the Town Clerk's office, by mail or online.  If you renew by mail or online, please reference your current Town of Bow Dog License Number.

Recycling bins Photo

Bow is Recycling - Let's Keep It Clean!

From the Town of Bow Solid Waste and Recycling Committee

Similar to many other towns in New Hampshire, Bow was recently forced to reevaluate our recycling program due to increased costs associated with recycling.  The Bow Solid Waste and Recycling Committee is pleased to announce that the Selectmen voted at its meeting on May 28, 2019 to continue to fund the recycling program.  The annual cost to continue the recycling program is approximately $30,000.  This estimate is based on the current market and assuming that our recyclables are designated as “Class A” recyclables.  The designation of our recyclables as “Class A” is based on the amount of contamination (less than 5%) in the loads from Bow.  In the event we do not receive a “Class A” designation, the cost of recycling will significantly increase and the town will again need to reevaluate its options.
It is imperative to the success of our recycling program that we reduce contaminants in our curbside recycling totes.  Many of us are “aspirational recyclers” and will include items in our curbside recycling tote hoping that they can be recycled.  If we are throwing away items in the hope that they are recyclable, we are creating more harm than good.  Over the last two years, China has imposed strict restrictions over the acceptance of recycling loads that are deemed to be contaminated.  With that in mind, Pinard Waste has created a new flyer called “Can I Recycle This?  Know When It’s a NO!”  The flyer helps identify the types of items that should not be recycled. 

The most frequent items that contaminate recycling loads are plastic bags and Styrofoam.  Those items should not be placed in the recycling bin, even if they have a recycling number on them.  Styrofoam should be placed in the trash.  Plastic bags can be recycled at several local supermarkets, and otherwise they should be reused or placed in the trash. 

When it comes to plastic, according to Pinard, it is important to only recycle items that are “containers” or “vessels,” such as plastic bottles.  Even if an item has a recycling number, it may not be recyclable because there is no market for it.  Plastic toys, plastic utensils, straws, clothes hangers and bulky plastic items are considered contamination and should not be placed in the curbside recycling.  Colored plastic cups (such as red Solo cups) are also not accepted for recycling.  Metal (other than tin, clean aluminum foil and aluminum cans) is also not accepted for recycling.

It is important to empty beverage containers before putting them in the recycling bin.  The liquids are not only messy, but can be deemed hazardous waste by recycling workers.  While food containers do not need to be laboratory clean before recycling them, it is necessary to rinse containers such as peanut butter and catsup jars to avoid rodents and other pests from being attracted to the recycling load.  And the ongoing pizza box question?  According to Pinard, the actual box can be recycled unless it is heavily saturated with oil.  All food should be scraped and removed from the pizza box.  The plastic pizza saver used to protect the pizza from sticking to the box is not recyclable, and should be placed in the trash.

The Solid Waste and Recycling Committee wants to remind residents that the best way to avoid items from entering the waste stream is to reduce the purchase of items in single-use containers and bulky packaging.  This can be accomplished in many ways, including the use of reusable shopping bags and beverage containers.

If you have specific questions about whether an item is recyclable, please check out, or send an email to the Town of Bow Solid Waste and Recycling Committee at  The new flyer is also posted at the website at www.  

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