Buildings and Facilities Advisory Committee

Buildings and Facilities Advisory Board

public works - buildings and facilities advisory board - photo
Seated L to R: Selectwoman Angela Brennan, Chair David Cook, Vice Chair Thomas Betteridge and Glenn Dugas, Missing Jennifer Strong Rain, School Board Rep., Bruce Marshall, Selectmen Rep.


Agendas & Minutes


  • Chris Andrews, Buildings and Facilities Manager
  • David Cook, (2026)
  • Glenn Dugas, (2025)
  • Thomas Betteridge, (2024)
  • Jennifer Strong-Rain, School Board Rep.
  • Angela Brennan, Selectmen Rep.
  • Matt Poulin, Selectmen Rep. Alternate


The purposes of the Building and Facilities Advisory Committee are as follows:

  • Assess and analyze municipally owned buildings and facilities in order to prioritize physical plant needs and budgets.
  • Develop a facilities assessment and analysis methodology and process that informs decision makers and enables priority-setting among Capital Improvement Program (CIP), replacement, renovation, and maintenance projects.
  • Advise the Board of Selectmen, Town Manager and Building and Facilities Manager, on building and facilities priorities, including construction, replacement, renovation and maintenance, and the development of an overall facilities strategy.

  1. Membership will include three members from the general public appointed by the Board of Selectmen, Town Building and Facilities Manager (non-voting) and one member of the Board of Selectmen (non-voting).
  2. Members should have demonstrated experience in facilities planning, architecture, construction management, or some combination thereof. While these qualifications are desired, they are not absolute and appointments may be made for members without having the aforementioned qualifications.
  3. Terms of membership shall be 3 years. Initial terms shall be set for 1, 2, and 3 years, and thereafter be set a 3 years. Members may be re-appointed for subsequent terms.

We strive to utilize the expertise and skills of Town of Bow employees, as well as community volunteer resources, before seeking outside contractors in order to minimize the financial impact to taxpayers.