Drinking Water Protection Committee


2021 BDWPC picture by E.Anderson

From left to right, top to botton: Jordan Vachon, Tom O'Donovan, Steve Cheney (WhiteWater), Cindy Klevens, Madhumita Chatterjee. Not pictured: Wendy Waskin, Christopher Dunbar. (Photo by Eric Anderson)  

Drinking Water Protection Committee Members

Members are appointed by the Bow Board of Selectmen

  • Tom O'Donovan, Chair
  • Cynthia Klevens
  • Madhumita Chatterjee
  • Vacant
  • Christopher Dunbar
  • Eric Smith, Ex-Officio WhiteWater
  • Steve Cheney, Ex-Officio WhiteWater


The Bow Drinking Water Protection Committee was formed by the Board of Selectmen in 2005 to oversee the development of the Town’s 2006 Source Water Protection Plan (SWPP) for the Town's municipal public water systems.

Protection Plan Objective

The objective of the SWPP is to “increase the understanding of the drinking water resources in the Town of Bow, and to provide a meaningful foundation for decision-making in order to protect the quality and quantity of drinking water sources.”

Public Water Systems

There are currently 39 regulated community and municipally managed public water systems in the Town of Bow, including eight which are directly managed by either the Town or School District. Each municipal system has its own wellhead protection plan which needs to be reviewed and updated every three years.

In addition, the committee, reviews the SWPP annually and works to ensure that the recommendations of the plan are implemented.  

Additional Duties

The committee also provides educational information, technical assistance and outreach to the approximately 6,000 residents who rely on groundwater as their drinking water source. This includes holding well water testing events and conducting research activities related to groundwater protection.