Board of Selectmen


Board of Selectmen

  • Christopher Nicolopoulos, Chairman (2022)
  • Bruce Marshall, Vice Chair (2023)
  • Colleen Hunter  (2022)
  • Matthew Poulin (2024)
  • Michael Wayne (2024)

Standing L to R Selectman Michael Wayne, Selectman Bruce Marshall and Selectman Matthew Poulin, Seated L to R Chairman Christopher Nicolopoulos and Vice Chair Colleen Hunter

Board of Selectmen

About the Board of Selectmen

The Town of Bow is governed by a five member Board of Selectmen elected to staggered three year terms. Per the provisions of NH RSA 41:8, "the selectmen shall manage the prudential affairs of the town and perform the duties by law prescribed."

The Town operates under the traditional Town Meeting form of government, in that the legislative body is the annual Town Meeting held every March. The Board of Selectmen acts as the executive branch of Town Government and it carries out the policies and laws set forth by the legislative body. The Board also has other specifically assigned roles and powers as set out in State Statutes.

Visit our Elected Officials page to learn more about running for a Selectman position.