Dog Licensing

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The State of New Hampshire requires all dogs to be registered by April 30th of each year. Please note you can register your dogs as early as January.  In order to avoid fines, please remember to register your dogs before the end of April.

How to Register Your Dog in Town of Bow

You can register online with the EB2gov website or go to the Bow Town Clerk's office during office hours, Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.  at:

10 Grandview Road
Bow, NH 03304

Necessary Documentation

  • Current veterinary certificate with proof of rabies injection (i.e. rabies tag no. and expiration date); and,
  • Proof of neutering/spaying, if applicable.


  • $9 - Male or Female non neutered or spayed
  • $6.50 - Spayed or Neutered
  • $6.50 - Puppy (Dog must be under 7-months-old at time of registration.)
  • $2 - First Dog of a Senior Owner (to qualify seniors must be over the age of 65 and only one discounted dog per senior.)

Late Fees & Penalties

  • If fees are not paid by June the following extra fees may be applied:
  • $1 - Monthly Late Fee (beginning in May)
  • $25 - Civil Forfeiture Fee 
  • $5 - Cost of Service (for any Civil Forfeiture)


Puppies need to be registered by the time they are four months old, when they have had their first rabies vaccination. Proof of neutering/spaying is not required for puppies.

New Residents

If you have a current NH registration for your dog, bring your license or receipt from the previous town into the Town Clerk's office and the license can be transferred to a Bow license for a $1.50 fee. If you are from out of state, please see the requirements listed above under the section entitled "Dog Licenses."

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